Professor Steven R Hirsch, Consultant Psychiatrist

Personal treatment philosophy:

"New patients need an indepth assessment of their life experience and current problems to understand the cause and best treatment approach for them. This requires psychological understanding, a proper analysis of their symptoms, and appropriate referral to other specialists when necessary. Conditions often thought to be personality problems are often due to underlying mood disorders or anxiety problems which can be managed most efficiently with appropriate medication before longer term psychological treatment is employed, though equally, the psychological approach may offer a better starting point. A judicious combination of both approaches is what good psychiatry is about."

Medical Qualifications

Professor Steven Hirsch trained in general medicine at John Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA before qualifying in psychiatry at The Maudsley Hospital, London. 

Medical Experience and Training

Prof Hirsch specialises in general adult clinical assessment and treatment, arranging specialised therapies, and medico-legal opinions and reports; this includes psychiatric assessment for personal injury claims and employment problems.

Until 2005 he was the Head of the Psychiatry Department at Charing Cross Hospital and Imperial College London with responsibility for a population in West London. He is currently Professor Emeritus at Imperial College London following his position as Professor of Psychiatry.

Prof Hirsch treats private patients at the Priory Hospital Roehampton, London.

Specialises in: