About Us

Consultant-Search Services

We are an independent healthcare communication organisation and a division of Synaptic Limited along with sister website Total

Health. We work in collaboration with the major London NHS Trust Teaching Hospitals as well as the larger private hospitals and associated senior consultants.

Consultant-Search Aims

We provide a range of healthcare education and services to improve patient access to medical information and appropriate medical experts. We also provide specialist services for patients from abroad seeking the best of healthcare in the UK.  For more information, please email info@totalhealth.co.uk 

Consultant-Search People

We work in an ideal environment and in close contact with the leading edge of academic and medical excellence. We work hard to meet the needs of patients, hospitals and doctors and we believe that the best results arise from good teamwork. Our success depends on the commitment and dedication of our people working together to bridge the more traditional divides. We aim to recruit and retain the best staff possible.  Many of our consultants are world leaders in the fields of health care, teaching and research. If you are interested in working with us please contact us.

Consultant-Search For GPs

If you are a GP and would like to register for the professional referral system please email info@totalhealth.co.uk

We work with our partners at Medical Logic Ltd who provide an integrated private e-referral service that operates the administration of patient referrals from GPs to private medical specialists. Adopting the latest technology gprefer has been designed to meet the needs of both patients and professional users. Incorporating a unique intuitive user interface gprefer provides GPs with a seamless and secure online referral and booking solution.

Consultant-Search for Consultants and Medical Specialists

If you are a consultant or medical specialist and would like to register for the professional referral system please email info@totalhealth.co.uk

Consultant-Search Partners

Consultant-search is consultant-led. Our health education partners include many of the senior consultants and heads of department from the major teaching hospitals across the UK.

We also have a working collaboration with Barclays Bank to facilitate medical education events and with other independent healthcare providers.