Martin Harris, Dr

Medical Qualifications

Dr Martin Harris qualified from Royal London Hospital, London University in 1976. Dr Harris has been performing circumcision since 1983, and was certified in 1986.

Medical Experience and Training

Dr Harris is a specialist at a circumcision clinic in North West London and circumcises newborn babies aged 2-3 weeks, and infants up to six months. Dr Harris has been at Temple Fortune Health Centre in North West London since 1981. He also consults at the Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth, London and is an Honorary Consultant (Surgery and Urology) at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, London.

Dr Harris is a registered Mohel for Jewish religious circumcision, known as Bris Mila (Brit Milah). Based in North West London, Dr Harris has travelled to perform circumcisions throughout the UK, Channel Islands and Europe.

Dr Harris has a specialist interest and experience in hypospadias and has great expertise in Haemophilia C Factor XI deficiency including innovative methods for treatment.



Martin Harris is Honorary Consultant Urology Surgeon specialising in newborn baby circumcision.  

Martin is double-qualified as a medical doctor (1976) and as a registered Mohel for Jewish religious circumcision (Bris Milah). 

Martin runs a busy practice based in Golders Green, North West London.  

Home visits.

Specialises in: 

Newborn baby circumcision aged 2-3 weeks. Under local anaesthetic. 

No plastibel or ring. 


Haemophilia including Factor XI deficiency. 

Families seeking circumcision expertise competence and personalised care for social, cultural and religious reasons.


Phone to book appointment 07896 718812

Specialises in: