Professor Klaus-Martin Schulte, Consultant Endocrine Surgeon

Personal treatment philosophy:

"Listen to the patient. Life is a precious gift."

Medical Qualifications

Professor Klaus-Martin Schulte received his Medical Doctorate in 1990 from the University of Essen, Germany. Professor Schulte became a General Surgeon in Duesseldorf, Germany in 2000 before becoming a Visceral Surgeon the following year.

Medical Experience

Professor Schulte became Consultant Endocrine Surgeon for King's College London in 2004 and is currently a Reader of Surgery, and Lead Clinician for Emergency, General, and Major Trauma Surgery at the same hospital. Prof Schulte is also a Consultant Surgeon at the private hospitals of London Bridge and the Lister, both in London.

Prof Schulte is a member of 8 professional bodies and has been awarded for his work with the position of Professor Extraordinarius of Surgery at the University of Duesseldorf, Germany, a post he has held since 2010.

Prof Schulte specialises in the treatment of thyroid problems as well as rare and undiagnosed genetic conditions and is an expert in all forms of endocrine surgery. He has performed more than 4000 major surgeries. His elective in-hospital mortality for the past eight years of work in the UK is 0% despite large numbers of complex major operations.

Specialises in: