Dr Bruce Trathen, Consultant Addiction Psychiatrist

Personal treatment philosophy:

"I provide an experienced, discreet and holistic programme of care, focusing on all contributing factors to my patients' conditions. All of my patients are protected by strict confidentiality privilege, never judged, and always respected."

After qualifying as a doctor at London University Dr Bruce Trathen became a consultant psychiatrist specialising in addictions. With over twenty years of experience working both the NHS and the private sectors, he is known as a leading expert in the field of addiction psychiatry.

Currently, he heads up a team of top addiction specialists at Serena House, a private London detox clinic. Dr Trathen’s methods, which treat the whole person with a multi-faceted approach, help free individuals from  a variety of addictions, allowing them to lead happy and productive lives once again.

Dr Trathen has been widely published in respected medical journals such as The Lancet, and has also written books to help those with addiction move forward in their live -  How to Enjoy Life Without Alcohol: Routes To A Healthier Existence. He has also written a book aimed at the loved ones of alcoholics, How to Motivate Someone to Seek Help for Alcoholism.

Recent roles have included being the London Medical Lead and Deputy Medical Director of Crime Reduction Initiative (CRI) the UK's major provider of charitable services for people with substance misuse problems.

Dr Trathen has also worked at an international level for the European Commission and UNODC. He also has been called as a medical expert in court cases where addiction is a factor.

Specialises in: